We want to recognize your hard work and dedication to figure skating by giving you the opportunity to be a member of the SAFSC Competition Team. All qualifying skaters will be recognized as a SAFSC Competition Team member and proudly wear the SAFSC Competition Team Badge on their Club jacket. 

All SAFSC Full Members and Introductory Full Members, without regard to testing or competition level, are eligible to apply for SAFSC Competition Team Status. Qualification for the Competition Team is driven by the Point Allocation System, satisfaction of the Eligibility Criteria, and receipt of confirmation issued by the SAFSC Board of Directors. Please consult the SAFSC Competition Team Policy for more information. 


Competition Team Application

Eligibility Criteria

  1. You must be a Full Member or Introductory Full Member of the San Antonio Figure Skating Club;

  2. You must be in good standing with the San Antonio Figure Skating Club and US Figure Skating;

  3. You must have competed as a Member of the San Antonio Figure Skating Club;

  4. You must satisfy the point qualification threshold and requirements set forth herein; and

  5. You must complete and submit the SAFSC Competition Team Application form below

Competition Team Policy