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San Antonio Figure Skating Club Policy for Skater Scholarships


The San Antonio Figure Skating Club (SAFSC) is organized as a non profit to encourage all persons to participate in the sport of figure skating.  SAFSC recognizes that some member skaters deserve recognition and financial reward for achievements in skating.  Scholarship amounts will be based on funds available to the club at the beginning of the skating year.  It is our wish that one club led fundraiser be conducted each year to off set amounts given to skaters for scholarships.  At the beginning of the skating year the scholarship amounts for each category will be determined by the Board of Directors.  The board can determine based on club’s financial situation to reduce, increase or not award scholarships for the current skating year. The scholarships will be paid based on the club’s ability to remain financially solvent, as well as avoid negatively impacting other SAFSC programs. All current members will be made aware of the eligible competitions and the scholarship amounts agreed upon by the Board of Directors.

Scholarship payments will be made by June 30th for the current skating years events.  To qualify for a scholarship, skaters must be full members of the club for the entire previous membership year and be in good standing for the current year in which they are applying for funds.  This means skaters will need to be in at least their second year of full club membership to be eligible to receive a SAFSC scholarship. 


The scholarship values and eligible competitions:

Level 1                                 $50

  • Qualifying Regional (Juvenile and up)

  • National Showcase

  • Excel National Festival (Prelim Plus, Pre Juv-Plus, Juv Plus and Intermediate, Novice, Junior and Senior)


Level 2                          $200

  • Sectionals (Juvenile and up)

  • Adult Sectionals (Championship Silver, Championship Gold, Championship Jr/Sr)


Level 3                           $400

  • Nationals

  • Champs Camp (Juvenile-Novice)

  • Adult Nationals (Championship Silver, Championship Gold, Championship Jr/Sr)


The amounts above will be paid upon the successful completion of the following:

  • Skaters must be home club members of San Antonio Figure Skating Club and must represent SAFSC at the competition.  It is our wish that club wear be proudly worn by skaters. No associate members will qualify.

  • Skaters must agree to allow SAFSC to use their name, photos and other likeness to promote the club.

  • Skaters must renew their membership for the skating year by July 1.  This must be a renewal membership.  The membership must be maintained the entire skating year in which a scholarship is requested.

  • Skaters must apply for the scholarship by June 1.  Applications can be submitted any time once requirements are met. 

  • Total scholarships per skater, per skating year cannot exceed $599, even if eligible competitions exceed that amount.

  • Skaters must volunteer for the benefit of the club to include:

    • 16 hours of volunteer time during the current membership year.  Hours worked by the skater’s family can count toward the skaters total hours, but the skater is required to work at least 50% of the hours.

    • Skaters whose family members are currently on the Board of Directors are exempt from 8 of the 16 volunteer hours.  It is expected that skaters will complete the remaining 8 hours.

    • Volunteer hours are those hours that directly benefit the club and its programs.  Learn to Skate, Volunteering at the rink for non SAFSC competitions and events do not count toward volunteer hours. 

    • Volunteer hours can be earned at these events:

      • Alamo Skate

      • Test Sessions

      • Writing an article for the newsletter

      • Running a fundraising event

      • Active participation on Junior Board

      • Other opportunities as they occur



Skating Year 2017-2018

Suzie Skater.

Met volunteer and membership requirements:

July 2017

Participated in National Showcase  $50

Oct 2017

Participated in Qualifying Regionals at Intermediate level  $50

Nov 2017

Participated in Sectionals at Intermediate level  $200


On June 30, 2018 she is awarded at $300 scholarship


Build Character, Integrity and Sportsmanship 

Provide Enthusiasm, Professionalism and Continual Education

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