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Next Test Sessions

Virtual test session November 9, 2023

Registration Deadline: November 7, 2023

The San Antonio Figure Skating Club now uses Entryeeze for all test sessions

Please click on the Register button below

Virtual Test Instructions and Forms

The San Antonio Figure Skating Club will now be offering virtual test sessions.


  • Register for the test session on Entryeeze.​

  • Review the Virtual Testing Video Requirements prior to filming and uploading files for best results.

  • Work with your coach to schedule a time to film the test. If filming at Northwood Ice & Golf Center, SAFSC members may only record videos during Club Ice time. 

  • Videos, along with the Affidavit for Virtual Test Submission and Name and Likeness Release forms,  will be uploaded directly into Entryeeze.  Please ensure the forms are uploaded as ONE document. 

  • The Test Chair will send each test to the appropriate officials for judging.  Please allow 7 days turnaround time for your results.


Test Session Rules and Regulations

Parents and skaters are expected to show courtesy and good sportsmanship to others. Testing is a stressful time for all skaters, parents and coaches attending.  It is helpful to have a common understanding of the expectations of behavior for all attendees.


Test papers must be completed in full and fees submitted to be considered for the test session. 

  • Coaches determine when a skater is ready to test.  Applications should not be turned in without a coach signature.


Priority will be given for the test session in this order: Home club members, Associate members and then outside members.  Skaters requesting two or more tests will be accommodated on a space available basis. 

  • If a skater is taking more than one test and the second test is contingent, and the skater does not pass the first test, the second test fee will be forfeited.


Testing is a stressful situation for skaters.  It is not a time to bring friends and family to watch a skater, this can often add to your skaters stress and create unnecessary distraction for all the skaters.

Please keep the area quiet.  Please arrive with ample time to get ready and then leave once your test and results are given to you.  It is never OK to watch other skaters test.


  • Please be aware that celebrations in a public place can often be upsetting or disruptive to other skaters

  • Do not film or photograph the test session

  • Please be respectful of others privacy with regard to test results.  It is never OK to ask a skater, parent or coach about another skater’s result.

  • Please do not make special requests for a particular judge or skating order.

  • Please be respectful of the judge’s privacy.  Do not approach or interrupt the judge’s panel. Only judges and test committee members are allowed in the judge’s room.

  • If you have a concern or question about the test you must talk to your skater’s coach and the coach will determine if a conference with the judge is appropriate.

  • Please be aware that comments and opinions expressed can often offend others.  Please avoid language that could be offensive to others.

U.S. Figure Skating IJS Protocol for Test Credit


 In accordance with Rules TR 3.00, 4.01 and 4.02, athletes may receive credit for meeting minimum scores at any competition held under the International Judge System (IJS). The athlete must “skate-up” to the event they are seeking test credit for, in addition to having already passed any prerequisites prior to the competition event. 

For additional information please login to your USFS member account and consult the Test Page.


Eligible Tests: 

Singles Free Skate: Open Juvenile, Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior, Senior and Adult Gold 

Pairs Free Skate: Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior and Senior 

Free Dance: Juvenile, Intermediate, Novice, Junior and Senior 


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